What is a PEMF Mat?

What is a PEMF Mat?

They’re rising in popularity. Several athletes and doctors swear by them. They’re also a great investment toward your wellbeing.

But what is a PEMF Mat?

This article explains what a PEMF Mat does, how it works, and the benefits of PEMF

Before we dive in, let’s address what ‘PEMF’ stands for.


What does PEMF stand for?

PEMF Waves

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field - or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy.

PEMF is a therapeutic technology that sends magnetic energy waves (or pulses) into the body. PEMF technology uses waves to work with your body's magnetic field, boosting your recovery and wellbeing

When you apply PEMF to your body, these pulsating waves can help to stimulate cell function to optimize your wellbeing. It can also help to promote several benefits, which you’ll discover shortly. 

Ultimately, PEMF therapy can help to re-energize your body’s cells. These waves can help to induce electrical changes within the cells to restore them to their normal state.

Simply put, PEMF is like a friendly energy tune-up for your wellbeing.


How Does A PEMF Mat Work?

PEMF Mat Technology

By now, you’ll be familiar with these pulsating electromagnetic waves.

A PEMF Mat is a wellness device that uses magnetic waves to re-energize your body. You may also hear them referred to as:

PEMF Pad, PEMF Bed, Electromagnetic Mattress, Frequency Mat, Infrared PEMF Mat, PEMF Therapy Mat, or Magnetic Field Therapy Mat.

The mat's pulsating waves penetrate deep into your body and interact with your cells. This interaction can help cells by improving circulation and nutrient exchange at the cellular level. This, in turn, may contribute to the body's natural recovery process.

The mat usually emits four different wave frequencies. Waves are measured in electromagnetic frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 30Hz.

Alpha (9-12Hz) – Great for increased calm and creativity

Beta (13-30Hz) – Ideal for meditation, conscious thought, even logical thinking

Delta (1-3Hz) – The frequency for better sleep

Theta (8Hz) – The wave that syncs with the earth’s natural frequency – ideal for grounding

The mat’s overall function is to balance the body's electromagnetic energy. 20 minute sessions are the optimal time to enjoy the most beneficial effects.


PEMF Mat Benefits 

PEMF Mat benefits

Here are five common benefits you can experience: 

  1. Improved circulation - Boost energy by improving blood flow to different areas of the body.
  2. Soothed muscles - The red and near infrared light helps to warm your body and relieve tense muscles, leading to faster recovery.
  3. Induced relaxation - Delta waves relax the body, reducing stress and improving sleep.
  4. Boosted mood – Beta waves can lead to increased creativity and focus.
  5. Convenience - Owning a PEMF Mat allows you to incorporate PEMF Therapy into your daily routine at home. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or kickstart your morning feeling revived, the choice is yours.

Explore further added PEMF Mat benefits

Do not confuse PEMF Matts from wellness companies with medical-grade PEMF therapy used in medical settings (i.e. 99 Hz). These magnetic mats for health help reduce inflammation, chronic pain, and pain in people and animals.

BON CHARGE PEMF Mats use low-level PEMF to target creativity, boost sleep, improve well-being and ground. 


Semi Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstones work perfectly with the restorative benefits of PEMF therapy. Stones like onyx, tourmaline, amethyst and silica have strong wellness and anti-aging benefits. These range from increasing negative ions in your environment to improving sleep, speeding up recovery and boosting creativity.


How to use a PEMF Mat

How to use a PEMF Mat

PEMF mats are easy to use, and you can use them in several ways. 

First, you lay the mat out on a flat surface like your floor, sofa or bed. Depending on what your goal is, you select your program using one of the frequencies.

From there you can sit, stretch out, lie down, even perform yoga on one.

To help achieve your goals, there are various sized PEMF devices:

PEMF Wraps – Ideal for targeted faster recovery. Wrap the device around the area of your body you want to target.

PEMF Mat Mini – Great for your favorite chair at home – or the office.

PEMF Mat Demi – A half-body PEMF device that targets upper or lower body.

PEMF Full Body Mat – A full-body device that targets the whole body.


Final thoughts 

To invest in a PEMF Mat, consider one with strong 660nm red light and 850nm Near Infrared Light.

Also consider one that emits infrared heat to experience purification and relaxation. The settings allow you to choose between 30-80 centigrade. (86-176 Fahrenheit / Low to high intensity).

At BON CHARGE, we understand the value of premium-quality PEMF Mats. We craft every PEMF mat with precision and rigorously test them to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Have a question? Interested in exploring our PEMF mats? Drop us a line. We're here to help you along your wellbeing journey.

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This product does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases, immune function conditions, or other chronic conditions.

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