What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum. Blue light is a short wavelength form of light which means it produces more energy than some other wavelengths of light. Wavelengths of light and measured in nanometres (nm). Blue light falls between 400nm and 495nm on the light spectrum.

Blue light is everywhere these days. The only source of blue light used to be the sun but we have brought blue light inside in the form of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and also house lights.

Natural vs Artificial Blue Light?

The sun emits blue light during the day which can entrain our circadian rhythms, make us feel alert and increase an overall feeling of well-being.

The sky is blue, this shows the sun emits blue light. Blue light during the day from the sun is beneficial to our well-being. Artificial blue light sources include electronic devices and most LED and fluorescent lighting.

Artificial blue light in the range 415nm to 455nm has been shown in studies to lead to digital eyestrain.

Blue and green light between 400nm and 550nm has been shown in studies to be disruptive to melatonin production and impact our sleep.

Solutions to Our Modern Blue Lit World

Have the best Night's Sleep

Studies have shown that blue and green light between 400nm to 550nm disrupts your sleep, leaves you feeling tired the next day and can damage your well-being.

Multiple studies have shown that wearing blue light blocking glasses 2-3 hours before bed can significantly improve your sleep quality. Opt for a lab made and tested pair that blocks 100% of light between 400nm and 550nm like BON CHARGE Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Optimize Sleep

Feel More Relaxed

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Beating Light Sensitivity

The academic literature shows that blue light in the 415nm to 455nm range can harm your eyes. Those with light sensitivity (photophobia) can benefit from blocking this range, which encompasses about half of the blue light spectrum.

Our Light Sensitivity Glasses block blue light from 400nm to 455nm, making them a great choice for individuals sensitive to blue light.

Reduce Migraines

Improve Light Sensitivity

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Combat Digital Eyestrain

Whilst it is important to filter and block blue light at different times of the day you should also make sure you get lots of natural light during the day.

During the daytime studies have shown that by filtering artificial blue light you may be able to reduce the impact of digital eyestrain. By wearing a pair of our Computer Glasses during the day when exposed to artificial blue light you can lessen the effects of digital eyestrain.

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Boost Productivity

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Our Blue Free Lighting Solutions

Blocking blue light doesn't just mean wearing blue light glasses. Our circadian friendly Blue Free Lighting collection helps you eliminate harmful blue light from any environment. Protect your skin and circadian rhythm by investing in flicker free, low EMF Blue Free Lighting from BON CHARGE.

Daytime Lighting Solutions

Low Blue Light

Low blue light lighting perfect for daytime use

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Nighttime Lighting Solutions

Blue Light Blocking

Blue and green free lighting ideal for evenings.

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Full Spectrum Lighting Solutions

Day to Night

All day lighting, covering you from day to night.

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Useful Tips

Why Choose BON CHARGE Blue Light Glasses and Blue Free Lighting?

Certified Medical Devices
Certified Medical Devices

All our blue light glasses are registered with the FDA and TGA.

Lab Grade Lenses
Lab Grade Lenses

Unlike other cheaper brands, our blue light glasses are made in optics labs.

Lab Tested
Lab Tested

Every single pair of blue light glasses is spectrum tested to ensure it blocks exactly what we say it blocks.


We show our spectrum reports on each pair of blue light glasses and all our lighting products ensuring you science backed quality with every purchase.

Back By Science
Back By Science

Our Blue Light Glasses are designed and manufactured using the latest peer reviewed studies.

Complete Lighting Solutions
Complete Lighting Solutions

Day to night science backed lighting solutions, keeping you and your family safe from harmful blue light.

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